Drop Shadow: The Truth About the Economy and How You Can Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

The book is available on Amazon in paperback form by clicking on the book image. Click here for a link directly to the book in PDF form.

The book covers the following topics:

  • Understanding common misconceptions about the economy and how to measure it accurately
  • Outlining why some conventional investment tactics have serious flaws, which is rarely discussed in mainstream financial media
  • Budgeting is important to prevent bubbles and collapses
  • The role of the central bank, and in particular fiat currencies, with the boom and bust cycle
  • Why the collapse must occur for the system to reset and the next cycle to start
  • Solutions to the current economic, and the resultant political, problems we face in the US to prevent future crashes from wrecking people’s finances
  • The value of gold and silver to protect your wealth, and grow it in times of severe economic hardship
  • The basics of active real estate investment, when real estate is not in the bubble phase

Using deep research, Robert outlines why the boom / bust cycle occurs and what the main causes are. Robert provides his systematic approach to building generational wealth by identifying assets in their boom cycle, and avoiding assets in their bust cycles.

A major generational wealth cycle is starting in gold and silver, and it is time to cycle out of other assets such as stocks, bonds, and certain types of investment real estate.

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