Major Banks’ Silver Price Explosion Forecast Bullish For Silver Dollar

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Silver Dollar Resources is a silver and gold exploration company with assets in proven mining districts in both Mexico and Canada. 

The La Joya project in Mexico is an advanced stage development play that has an inferred 159 million silver ounces (equivalent). They have found silver on 15 of 17 veins, with 50,000 meters of drilling over 189 holes by previous operators. 

The outstanding SilverCrest team did a PEA back in 2013 back when the project was owned by First Majestic. This PEA will be added to in 2021 with additional exploration efforts. 

The company also has two gold plays south of Red Lake Mining area in Canada, a premier gold mining district. These have easy access and good sulfide mineralization that have in the past led to good gold finds in Red Lake. The Silver Dollar projects are bordered by companies BTU Metals, Great Bear Resources, and Golden Goliath. 

Eric Sprott owns 18% of Silver Dollar Resource Shares, and First Majestic also purchased a lot of new shares of the company in late 2020. Insiders own 41% of the company’s shares. 

The company has maintained strong share balance and have not over-diluted as they have expanded discovery activities. 

Perry During and Frank Hillemeyer, winners of the 2010 Thayer Lindsley award, are working with the company to explore their existing projects. 

This company has quality leadership, investment, and projects which are all signs of success. 

For more on the company, visit their website at:

This video was conducted on behalf of Silver Dollar Resources, and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC. For our full disclaimer, please visit:

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