Commodities Prices are Spiking Now – Expect Rapidly Rising Inflation

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We discuss the sharp increases in the money supply, in the forms of M1 and M2 measures, in 2020. We also talk about the $1.5 trillion sitting on the Treasury’s books that will get spent in 2021. 

The government spending in 2020 and 2021 have already lead to recent spikes in the prices of most energy and agricultural commodities. Which means consumer prices are going to rise in the wake of millions of lost jobs this year. 

We also discuss how the new stimulus bill from Congress will continue the hockey stick increase in spending and will continue to raise prices of goods in 2021. 

We talk about how much of this money is going to overseas interests and in the new military programs. 

All of this spending will eventually put much higher upward pressure on the commodities, which will translate into rising prices of goods and services for US consumers. 

The only way to reliably survive this is to buy gold and silver, and also to pre-purchase those shelf stable goods ahead of time to reduce the impact rising prices will have on your limited budget. 

You can protect against price inflation by purchasing gold. To purchase gold with Glintpay, go to and use referral code “goldsilverpros” on the app.

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