Nick Barisheff: Coming Real Estate Collapse & $2000 Gold

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We speak with Nick Barisheff, President and CEO of BMG Group, a Canadian gold market fund. 

Nick discusses why he thinks we will reach $2000 gold soon due to the coming real estate market collapse. 

We discuss issues with convention hotels and other commercial real estate due to the economic shutdowns. We also discuss coming bankruptcies and revisions in the residential markets. 

The collapse in real estate will likely lead to a black swan in the banking system. Real estate failures will lead to debt defaults and growing stress in the banking system. 

We also discuss the expiration of CARES act programs and how the government is going to blast the economy with $1-2 trillion in new stimulus in 2021. 

We speak on the manipulation in the futures markets and how this affects the current gold price. Despite that manipulation, gold has been averaging 10% returns over 20 years. 

Gold has served its role in absorbing the 9-10% inflation rates that economists such as John Williams of Shadowstats has been reporting. 

Nick also discusses how adding gold to a portfolio will stabilize the volatility while also increasing returns. But the vast majority of pension and hedge funds haven’t begun to invest in gold yet. 

Gold is the ultimate portfolio insurance during economic recession and deflations. 

See Nick’s work here:

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